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Project Description

The walking trolley series Walker allows the user independent movement and secure support during walking.

The walking trolley can also be used as a support when standing up from a chair or bed, as well as for the rehabilitation after injuries and operations.

Gehwagen Walker Standard

Walking trolley »Walker« Standard


  • The walking frames are high adjustable by min. 30 cm. The user is optimally supported when standing up via a pneumatic spring, operated by the red lever between the two handles.
  • The handles can be adjusted into two different positions and thus individually adapted to the user’s needs.
  • The five centimetre thick, seamless upholstered padding can be adjusted in width. Consequently, the support surface can be optimally adapted to the user.

  • In all models (with the exception of the model with handbrake) the four wheels with a diameter of 100 mm are individually lockable.

Gehwagen Walker Standard
Gehwagen Walker Standard
Gehwagen Walker Standard
Gehwagen Walker Feststellbremsen

Related models

Gehwagen Walker Hoch

Walking trolley »Walker« High – is intended for tall care receivers, height adjustment 104.0 to 134.0 cm.

Gehwagen Walker Maxi

The Walking trolley »Walker« Maxi – is intended for care receivers with a higher body weight. The maximum load is 300.0 kg

Gehwagen Walker mit Handbremse

Walking trolley »Walker« with hand brakes. With help of the handbrakes connected to the rear wheels (75 mm) and the parking brakes on the front wheels the walker is fixed.

Gehwagen Walker mit elektrischer Höhenverstellung

Walking trolley »Walker« with electric height adjustment supports the user who does not have sufficient mobility to stand up.

Technical details

Walker Standard High Maxi Handbrake Electric
Article number KA-GW-2000 KA-GW-2010 KA-GW-2050 KA-GW-2034 KA-GW-2100
Length cm 75.0 75.0 75.0 75.0 75.0
Maximum width cm 72.0 72.0 88.0 72.0 72.0
Height adjustment Gas spring Gas spring Gas spring Gas spring Electric
Minimum height cm 88.0 104.0 104.0 92.0 90.0
Maximum height cm 118.0 134.0 134.0 122.0 131.0
Armrests width outside cm 63.0 – 81.0 63.0 – 81.0 83.0 – 100.0 63.0 – 81.0 63.0 – 81.0
Armrests width inside cm 35.0 – 54.0 35.0 – 54.0 55.0 – 74.0 35.0 – 54.0 35.0 – 54.0
Castors  (front/rear) mm 100 100 100 100/75 100
Product weight kg 18.5 20.5 34.0 20.0 26.5
Maximum load kg 220.0 220.0 300.0 220.0 220.0