Novum size 1, including accessories

Novum® size 1

Prone, supine and upright stander

///Prone, supine and upright stander Novum® size 1
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Project Description

The application of a new concept for lying on the back or front has an anatomically shaped board. The advantage of all standing systems: the patient is supported the whole length and not only at various points of the body. The electric tilt adjustment eases the manual handling.

No other product offers the same possibilities for treatment, permitting or the reception of complicated foot malpositions. And thus offers the best prerequisite for guided standing up.

Novum size 1, including accessories

Novum® size 1 with multiple adjustable thorax/pelvic supports and knee supports (accessories)

All tilting tables and standing frames are made up out of a frame, 4 swivel wheels, 2 foot plates (pair), 2 standard support cushions and 2 safety belts.

The upholstered anatomically shaped lying surface is extendable through extension cushions.

The therapy table is functional in any position and additionally supports optimal head control training. The lowest walk in height is adjustable to 3 cm, almost at floor level.


  • NV-1000 – Novum® Size 1 – tilt adjustment via gas spring
  • NV-1000-E – Novum® Size 1 – tilt adjustment via electro motor
Novum size 1 horizontal position, electrical model

Novum® size 1 for horizontal supine position including thorax- and knee support and electric motor (accessories)


Indicated by the following foot malpositions:

  • flabby or contracted foot malpositions
  • Pes Equinus and heel calcars
  • Talipes varus
  • Other complicated foot malpositions

Scope of delivery

  • 2 standard support cushions
  • 3-D adjustable footplates
  • 2 safety belts
  • 4 swivel wheels
Novum size 1, supine position, including therapy table and other accessories

Novum® size 1 for supine position, with therapy table, multiple adjustable pelvic supports and knee supports (accessories)


Novum size 1 - multiple adjustable footplates

Novum® size 1 – multiple adjustable footplates

Technical details

Novum® Size 1
Article number NV-1000 / NV-1000-E
Armpit height cm 70.0 – 101.0
Chassis overall width cm 59.0
Chassis overall length cm 85.0
Overall height basic model¹ cm max. 138.0
Overall height horizontal cm 60.0
Access height cm from 3.0
Standard support cushion – large (width x height) cm 31.0 x 43.0
Standard support cushion – small (width x height) cm 25.0 x 24.0
Tilt degrees -5° bis 90°
Product weight² kg 30.0 / 35.0
Maximum capacity kg 50.0

¹including all accessories (footplate to upper edge of supporting surface)
²including electric motor