Prone, supine and upright stander

///Prone, supine and upright stander BS-100
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Project Description

The BS series offers therapeutically correct rising to a standing position from a prone or supine position.

The wide base plate and the narrow top part allow a larger degree of freedom of movement and simultaneously provide the prerequisites of infinitely variable rising from a lying down position, moving to partly standing and then to reach upright standing.


BS-100 for prone position including accessories

BS-100 for the prone position including head support with facial aperture, therapy table, abductor wedge, thorax-/pelvic supports, posterior support and heel supports (accessories)

Adjustable foot plates and guided belts as well as other accessories secure the person.

The person cared for can build up a new relationship to his or her body through a new awareness of their own body height.

BS-100 für die Rückenlage

BS-100 supine position incl. extension cushions (narrow/high), therapy table, thorax-/pelvic supports, abductor wedge and knee supports (accessories)


  • Cerebral palsy
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • And others

Scopy of delivery

  • 2 standard support cushions
  • 2 safety belts
  • Partitioned footplate
  • 4 safety swivel wheels
BS-100 - horizontal supine position

BS-100 – horizontal supine position


BS-200 - Sicherheitsgurte mit Fixlockverschluss

BS-100 – Tilt adjustment with foot operation

Partioned footplates, individually adjustable

The partitioned footplates are individually adjustable in tilt and length.


Technical details

BS 100
Article number BS-1000-6
Armpit height cm 70.0 – 101.0
Overall width cm 51.0
Overall length cm 70.0
Overall height basic model* cm max. 86.0
Overall height including all accessories* cm max. 122.0
Overall height horizontal posture cm 55.0 – 67.0
Access height cm 5.0 – 10.0
Standard support cushion – large (width x height) cm 31.0 x 43.0
Standard support cushion – small (width x height) cm 25.0 x 24.0
Tilt Degrees -5° to 90°
Product weight kg 19.0
Maximum capacity kg 50.0

*Footplate to top edge of supporting surface