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Patient-turning system, patient care

//Patient-turning system TurnAid / ProWend
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Project Description

TurnAid / ProWend is a new, independent patient-turning system with careful repositioning (decubitus prophylaxis) of the patient in the bed.

The patient-turning system enables nursing staff to reposition the patient and determine the lying position in a gentle and dignified manner.

In addition, the TurnAid / ProWend reduces strain on the back for nursing staff and family members during the repositioning of light through to heavy patients. Excessive spinal loading and resultant back pain can be significantly minimised.

TurnAid / ProWend is easy to install on all commercially available nursing beds. using appropriate adaptors. The basic function of the bed is retained. It can be used together with anti-decubitus mattresses for rapid decubitus treatment. A positive side effect of the construction design is that the patient is prevented from falling out of the bed. Very well suited to hospital or house and home care.

TurnAid / ProWend - patient-turning system

Patient-turning system for care beds TurnAid / ProWend.

TurnAid / ProWend - Side rail down folded

The patient-turning system TurnAid / ProWend with folded down side rails.


  • Decubitus prophylaxis
  • Risk of falling out of bed
  • Neuromuscular diseases which no longer allow independent turning in bed
  • And others


  • Slide sheet, Turning sheet
  • Extra hand remote. This will ensure continuous operation on either side of the bed in case two caretakers.
  • Safety rail protector
TurnAid / ProWend - Remote control

TurnAid / ProWend – Remote control.

Technical details

TurnAid / ProWend
User weight min./max. kg 40.0 / 200.0
Product weight kg 46.0
Length of the system cm 190.0
High of the system cm 57.0
Width of the system cm 10.0
Electric connection 230 V; 50 Hz AC
Safety class IPX0
Noise level > 70 dB (A)
TurnAid / ProWend - foot contact

TurnAid / ProWend – optional available foot contact.