Project Description

The Starlight® Go Sport-Experience is similar to the Starlight® Protect based on the sandwich principle, for absorption and distribution of all shocks and impacts.

The soft lines and the curved cut give this head protection a visually softer look, without sacrificing the protective effect. The forehead protection looks more like the peak of a cap.

A hard foam shell is worked into the protector on the outside of the occipital area. This is hit and splinter resistant, to absorb and spread any occurring forces in case of a backward impact.

The Starlight® Go Sport-Experience are made of high quality full-grainleather and sit firmly and secure on the head. Various fasteners and much more selectable, depending upon indication.

The calf leather used for the lining is perforated, which is breathable, moisture and heat regulating as well as being very skin friendly.

The large round ear opening allows for optimal fit in the cheek and chin area. The ears are free even with higher, lower or asymmetric positioning and are not constrained.

Choose between various shades of leather – Our high standards of quality apply also to colored leather!

Head protection Starlight Go Sport-Experience

Starlight® Go Sport-Experience Basic model

Models / Accessories

Starlight Go Sport-Experience basic model

Starlight® Go Sport-Experience Basic model

Article number 5583-…

Starlight Go Sport-Experience with closed top

… with closed top

Article number 5588-…

Chin protection

Chin protection

Article number 5181-01-…

Technical details

Starlight® Go-Sport-Experience
Forehead protection  3.5 cm
Head circumference Made to measure
Padding hard foam
Outer material Leather
Lining Leather
Product weight (Basic model) approx. 280 g
Starlight Secure Evo Basismodell

Starlight® Go Sport-Experience top view


Standard colours

Please note:

When ordering please use the current ATO FORM Starlight® – Dimension sheet!

Does your idea of a head protection look different?
You are welcome to send us your idea using the dimension sheet provided or communicate to us in a personal conversation.

Due to technical reasons the original colours can only be displayed approximately. The colours presented here are therefore not binding.