Project Description

Impressively lightweight protection

The Starlight® Generation models are padded with high-efficiency polyurethane foam. The reduced volume that characterises this head protection is made possible by the materials used.

The protective effect is fully preserved. Thus the Starlight® Generation models look more like “normal headwear” (e.g. cap, hat) and avoid the often stigmatising appearance of head protection.

Starlight Generation Basecap Camouflage

Starlight® Generation Baseball cap – Camouflage


The selected materials and cut guarantee optimal fit for lightweight protection.

The Starlight® Generation models is fitted with a removable or fixed chin strap.

It is possible to jazz up the Starlight® Generation models with various accessories such as flowers.

Scope of delivery

  • head protection
  • removable or fixed chin strap
Starlight Generation Baseball cap Denim look with contrasted seam stitching (option)

Starlight® Generation Baseball cap – denim look


Starlight Generation Baseball cap - contrasted seam stitching (option)

Starlight® Generation baseball cap: Colour contrasted seam stitching in denim look (option).

Starlight Generation Baseball cap adjustment on the back of the head

Starlight® Generation baseball cap: head circumference adjustment on the back of the head.

Technical details

Starlight® Generation Baseball cap Size S Size M Size L Size XL Size XXL
Article number G1000…-S G1000…-M G1000…-L G1000…-XL G1000…-XXL
Padding 6 mm
Head circumference 48 – 49 cm 50 – 52 cm 53 – 55 cm 56 – 59 cm 60 – 62 cm
Padding Hightech foam
Outer material Denim / Mixed fabrics
Lining Mixed fabrics
Product weight approx. 120 g approx. 145 g approx. 170 g approx. 195 g approx. 220 g

Standard colours

Please note:

When ordering please use the current ATO FORM Starlight® – Dimension sheet!

Does your idea of a head protection look different?
You are welcome to send us your idea using the dimension sheet provided or communicate to us in a personal conversation.

Due to technical reasons the original colours can only be displayed approximately. The colours presented here are therefore not binding.