Project Description

Growth-related or after surgery, it is possible that the shape of the head and therefore particular measures (for example the head circumference) change in a short period of time.

Owing to its ingeniously construction the head protection Starlight® Flex is individually adjustable in many areas (head circumference, inclination, strap lengths) making it ideal to adapt to the individual measures of the person in need of care.

The construction of the Starlight® Flex is based on the “sandwich” principle, in order to absorb and spread any impact or shock force.

Head protection Starlight Flex Basicmodel

Head protection Starlight® Flex Basic model

An additional impact resistant and shatterproof hard foam shell is worked into the protector on the outside of the occipital area, to absorb and spread any occurring forces to the entire construction of the occipital area under rear impact.

The Starlight® Flex is made out of high quality toxin-free coloured full-grain leather.

The protective effect to the upper head area is accomplished for example by the longitudinal braces made out of shock absorbing high-tech foam.

Choose from various leather colours – our high quality standards apply also for our coloured leather!

For the padding-inlet a formable foam material is used.


  • Ratchet adjustment
  • Velcro adjustment
Starlight Flex, mit geschlossener Oberseite, geschlossene Ohren, Kinn- und Stirnschutz

Starlight® Flex with closed top, ear protection (closed ear area) and chin protection

Starlight Flex with sunshield

Starlight® Flex with sunshield (accessory)

Starlight Flex alternativ variant

Optional on request: Starlight® Flex with alternative upper side, head circumference adjustable with velcro. The sunshild is accessory.

Models / Accessories

Starlight® Flex, basic model

Starlight® Flex Basic model

Article number: 5582-…

Starlight® Flex, closed top

Starlight® Flex, closed top

Article number: 5589-…

Starlight® Flex, ear protection

Starlight® Flex with ear protection

Article number: 5584-…

Starlight® Flex, closed top and erar protection

Starlight® Flex, closed top, ear protection

Article number: 5591-…

Starlight® Flex, forehaed protection

Starlight® Flex, forehead protection

Starlight® Flex, chin protection

Chin protection

Starlight® Flex, sunshild


Starlight® Flex, alternativ upper side, head circumference adjustable with velcro

Alternative upper side, head circumference adjustable with velcro

Technical details

Starlight® Flex Size S Size M Size L Size XL
Forehead protection thickness (without Accessories) approx. 2.3 cm
Head circumference 48-52 cm 52-56 cm 56-60 cm 60-63 cm
Padding Hightech foam
Outer material Leather
Lining Spacer fabrics
Product weight approx. 340 g approx. 360 g approx. 380 g approx. 400 g


Standard colours

Please note:

When ordering please use the current ATO FORM Starlight® – Dimension sheet!

Does your idea of a head protection look different?
You are welcome to send us your idea using the dimension sheet provided or communicate to us in a personal conversation.

Due to technical reasons the original colours can only be displayed approximately. The colours presented here are therefore not binding.