Project Description

The head protection Starlight Easy is a especially light weight protector for a high definition fit. It adjusts to any head shape, due to the special high–tech foam used and thus protects the cranium through well thought out anatomical adaptability.

The workmanship meets the highest quality requirements. The protector is offered two toned, with free choice of colours.

Starlight Secure Evo Basismodell

Head protection Starlight® Easy

Various colour combinations available: turquoise/lightblue, graphit grey/silver, red/orange, darkblue/royalblue, purple/violet

Simple and brilliant adjustment system for the ear straps. Thought out excellence of quality.

Starlight Secure Evo Basismodell

Head protection Starlight Easy – colour variations

Technical details

Starlight® Easy UNI (colour combination)
Article number 5193-…
Head circumference Made to measure
Forehead protection thickness 1,5 cm
Outer material Leather
Lining Leather
Padding Hard foam
Product weight approx. 120 to 260 g
Starlight Secure Evo Basismodell

Shapely and secure, Ear cut-out adjustable


Standard colours

Please note:

When ordering please use the current ATO FORM Starlight® – Dimension sheet!

Does your idea of a head protection look different?
You are welcome to send us your idea using the dimension sheet provided or communicate to us in a personal conversation.

Due to technical reasons the original colours can only be displayed approximately. The colours presented here are therefore not binding.