Starlight® Aqua

Starlight Aqua

Until now it was not possible to wear the head protection when bathing/showering, or for therapeutic purposes or water based leisure activities. Practice shows however, that also in these areas protection of the head is very important. Therefore the head protection Starlight® Aqua was solely designed for this area.

Starlight Aqua

Head protection Starlight® Aqua for security during care, therapy or water based leisure activities.

The padding of the Aqua consists of a special integral foam, which is soft and elastic and therefore shock absorbent. Thanks to the careful selection of materials a high wearing comfort is achieved. The many positive properties of the neoprene used (high dynamic load capacity, weather and ozone resistance, high elasticity and impact resilience as well as resilience against fungi and bacteria, quick-drying, waterproof, easy to clean and disinfect etc.) makes this head protection a valuable aid.

Starlight Aqua - Top view

The protective effect to the upper head is achieved by the individual adjustable trapeze paddings, made of shock absorbing foam.

Through the anatomical shape the entire head is protected. The adjustability of the chin strap and upper head ensures that the head protection is neither too tense nor too loose.

The cleaning of the head protection is also no problem by hand washing up to 30° Degrees.

Starlight Aqua - chin protection

Chin protection

Technical details

Starlight® Aqua Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4 Size 5
Article number C 401101-AQ C 401102-AQ C 401103-AQ C 401104-AQ C 401105-AQ
Head circumference 47 – 49 cm 50 – 52 cm 53 – 55 cm 56 – 59 cm 60 – 62 cm
Padding Extreme soft integral foam
Outer material Neopren, breathable and non-toxic
Product weight approx. 130 g approx. 150 g approx. 170 g approx. 190 g approx. 210 g


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