Project Description

Face mask, fleece grey mixed, with two tucks

(Cloth mask with filter insert, 2-layer)

This re-useable face mask is made of liquid resistant polyamide fleece on the outer side and on the inner side of water-repellent and filter-fleece. The bacterial filter performance lies by 65% and suspended particles in the breathing air are detained by nearly 99%. All the used materials are eco-friendly as well as tested and certified according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. Extensive tests proofed that the used materials are free from common allergenic substances and suitable for allergy sufferers. The mask is skin friendly.

The lateral sewn-in folds allow an optimal fit according to the shape of the face. For the perfect fit an easy mouldable nose bracket is worked into the upper side, which enables a tight fit of the mask and good prevention and reduction of the potential risk of infection (no PPE). A good side affect for wearer of glasses, is that the glasses hardly steam up when wearing the mask.

The face mask is available with two sizes of elastic straps (short or long), which are pulled over the ears. Optionally it can also be delivered with straps to be tied at the back of the head. The mask is washable up to 90° with disinfectant in the washing machine or can be boiled.

Face mask grey mix with two tucks


  • In-house manufactured (Sailauf, Germany)
  • It is recommended to be used in public areas (for example public transport, workplace, supermarket)
  • Good wearing properties by well sought out materials, allergy-free, tested and certified according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
  • Excellent breathability
  • Heat and humidity regulating material properties
  • Glas fiber and latex-free polyester-fleece
  • Optimal fit due to the two tucks
  • Worked in easy mouldable nose bracket
  • No irritating label
  • Hygiene product, excluded from exchange
Article number Fitting
09300-2 Elastic band medium
09300-3 Elastic band large
09300-4 Elastic band over the back of the head
Face mask grey mix with two tucks

Technical details

Face mask with tucks
Article number 09300…
Outer side 100% Polyamide fleece, liquid resistant and breathable
Inner side, filter medium 100% Polypropylene fleece, skin friendly, plasticizer-free
Elastic band 63% Polyester / 37% Natural latex
Size Universal (Base area not folded approx. 20 x 20 cm)
Weight according to fitting 10 to 12 g
DIN-Certification Non-medical product
OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
Face mask grey with two tucks

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