Project Description

Aquather suits have a supporting and stabilising effect on joints and muscles, and a compression and reflexion of the skin temperature, due the Neoprene insulation layer.

Aquather suit hydrotherapy

Aquather suit

An insulating layer develops between the skin and the inside of the suit. This protects against hypothermia during and after therapy.

This physiological heat insulation increases the skin temperature by 2.5 to 4.5 degrees, depending on activity and surrounding.

The insulation layer reflects warmth and the improved circulation increase the temperature in the muscles – up to a depth of ca 2 to 3 cm per area –about 1.5 degrees. There is no heat build-up due to the design.


Shoulder with velcro fastener

The increased temperature causes an improved motor function (shorter response time) and the nerves react with relief of pain.

Gürtel mit Kunststoffschließe

Belt with plastic fastener

The risk of urine or faeces contamination of the water in case of incontinent, paraplegic, multiple handicapped and those with bladderdisorders is substantially reduced. The optimal hygienic protection is reached.

The Aquather-suit offers a light support function with local specific compression effect.

Waterproof covered seams

Waterproof covered seams


  • Instability of ligaments
  • Pain after injury
  • Chronic and degenerative joint and connective tissue ailments
  • Muscular tenseness and hardening
  • Muscle cramps and partial rupture
  • Sinew irritation
  • Supportive by rehabilitation after soft tissue damage, pulled tendon, jointdamage and paraplegia
  • Support of water therapy in case of multiple disabilities
  • Support of water therapy by cerebral poliomyelitis (ICP, CP)
  • Hygienic protection for incontinent patients during water therapy (e.g.spina bifida with chronic recurring UTI)
Robust zips

Robust zips

Deliverable binding colours

Lieferbare Farben für Bänder

Please note:

When ordering please use the current ATO FORM Starlight® – Dimension sheet!

All Aquather suits and pants are custom made to measure.

Due to technical reasons the original colours can only be displayed approximately. The colours presented here are therefore not binding.

We draw to your attention, that the products are subjects to alterations. The alterations can include colour and materials used. The pictures
show either the standard model or product variations (e.g. with accessories) Please take into consideration if you choose your order by means of pictures.

Deliverable neoprene colours

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